Book of Lived 6

Book of Lived 6

Welcome to the 6th accomplishment of the Penny Authors' Anthology. The previous three anthologies have been a success and as a result we have attracted new poets in this editions. The experiences that are captured in the anthology are colourful and the times that they’ve happened give it the flavour. PA wants to bring to the world, the world within and show the abundances to our lives. We all ride “the ride of life” from different points but all travel to the heart, the centre of what life is. In this book you will feel and experience journeys that will take you in and out, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Let yourself get on a ride that will become a merry-go-round then may turn to a roller coaster, it will take you through life of all ages and some be it familiar experiences and occurrences, to some out of this world or weird and something wonderful.

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