Book of Lived V9

Book of Lived V9

Welcome to the 9th accomplishment of the Penny Authors' Anthology. The previous anthologies have laid and built a strong pathway for grass roots writers to take their maiden step to get their work championed in the national and global theatre of the written words.

The experiences that are captured in the anthology are colourful and the times that they’ve happened give it the flavour. PA wants to give to the world, the world within and show the abundances of our lives. We all ride, “the ride of life” from different points, perspectives, spectrum, but all travel to the heart, the centre of “what life is to Penny Authors”.  

The collections in these books you will feel and experience experiences that will take you in and out, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. All you have to do is allow yourself get on a ride that will become a merry-go-round then may turn to a roller coaster, it will take you through life of all ages and some be it familiar experiences and occurrences, to some out of this world or weird and something wonderful.

This is the ninth instalment of the "Book of Lived," that lets you live life along with yours. If you would like to get involved then email [email protected].

We at Penny Authors like to recognise, remind and remember all the Penny Authors that have taken part, past always and present and you can find the full list in the books and now we have our website where all poets published through PA have their own profile page, thus achieving our original goal. The following list is to introduce the newcomers who are featured in this volume are now listed on line. They bring with them refreshing and unique life they've lived for us to read, enjoy and experience; each to their own take. The newcomers are listed on the “Roll Call”:

So see you on the other side email us on [email protected] and visit our website:

Finally, we hope you will enjoy reading the Book of Lived.

Roll Call

1. Mayar Akash (Founder)

2. Zainab Khan, 

3. Paul Harvey, 

4. Isaac Harvey, 

5. Rebekah Vaughan, 

6. Rabia Mehmood, 

7. Tamanna Parveen, 

8. Ellis Dixon-King, 

9. Liam Newton, 

10. Professor Muhammad Nurul Huque, 

11. Kalam Choudhury, 

12. Rashma Mehta, 

13. Mathew Saunders Whiting 

14. Akik Miah

15. Nirmal Kaur

16. Julie Archbold

17. Lora Ashman

18. John Robert Gordon

19. Julie Anne Wheeler

20. Late Joan Hodge

21. Ruth Lewarne

22. Bhupendra M. Gandhi

23. Nicki & Laura Ellis

24. Alga Statham

25. Jeremy J. Lovelady

26. Peter Fox

27. Jamal Hasan

28. Stephan Goldsmith

29. Clare Saunders Whiting

30. Sally Walker

31. Elsa Kiernanfox

32. Jaida Begum

33. Abdul Mannan

34. John Cynddylan Dillon

35. Suzette Reed

36. Sandra Sanjeet Green

37. Coral Dodsworth

38. Amitrajit Raajan

39. Chris York

40. Ossian Hughes

41. Stuart Cooper

42. Mustak Mustafa

43. Samiul Fox

44. Ayesha Chowdhury

45. Ferdous Rahman

46. Abu Maryam Gous

47. Steve Willoughby

48. Abul Hussain

49. Libby Pentreath

50. Paul Phillips

51. Adrian Smith

52. Paul Crump

53. Roger Lowry

54. Moriom Chaudhury

55. David Harley

56. John S. Wallis

57. Michael Ashton

58. Sabina Begum

59. Mary Fletcher

60. Rob Kersley

61. Tyrone M Warren

62. Alison Ali Norton

63. Andrew Harry

64. Janey Bryson

65. Paul Keeting

66. Res John Burman

67. Robyn Harry

68. Jade Carter-Bennet

69. Leo Rudman

70. Opu Islam

71. Eve Wakeling

72. Edwin Lewis

73. Tahi Chowdhury

74. Jenny Bishop

75. Angie Butler

76. Adrian Frost

77. Vivian Pedley

78. Robert Spencer

79. Pam Turner

80. Leema Begum

81. Chloe Hall

82. Keith Woodhouse

83. Alan S Whitfield

84. Sonja Fairfield

85. Daniel Munn

86. Penny Collins

87. Julie Flowerdew

88. Rosie Beale

89. Carol Bea

90. Ruth Husbands

91. Neil Graham Oats

92. Joanna Edwards

93. Antony Craig Oats

94. Bea Thompson

95. Nayma Chumchun 

96. Jonathan Hayter 

97. Mukut Borpujari

98. Francesca Owen

99. Lowenna Helen Kaute

100. Valerie Kaute

101. Christine Jilbert

102. Nicole Paton

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