She Poetry

She Poetry

Special Edition -

We are celebrating five years of our poetry publishing and also Championing our women poets who have published their work with us. Welcome to the 9th accomplishment of the Penny Authors' Anthology.

The version is of all our female poets and two of their published poems already published and legally deposited to ensure that they become ingrained in the British National Heritage.

We are also publishing this volume in line with the “international Women’s day celebrations. We are globalising our poetesses’ voices through their written work.

The experiences that are captured in this diverse and colourful range and breadth of the times that they’ve happened give it their flavour. PA brings to the world, the world within and to show the abundances of our lives. We all ride “the ride of life” from different points but all travel to the heart, the centre of what and where life is.

In this book you will feel and experience journeys that will take you in and out, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Let yourself get on a ride that will become a merry-go-round, then may turn to a roller coaster, it will take you through life of all ages and some be it familiar experiences and occurrences, to some out of this world or weird and maybe something wonderful (subjective).

Collection of poems previously published in the volumes in last five years in one book.

We are celebrating and promoting female Penny Authors.

Championing the "SHE" spirit that compliments the "HE", within Penny Authors.

The collection inside is from 2017 - 2022.

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1. Alga Statham

2. Alison Ali Norton

3. Angie Butler

4. Ayesha Chowdhury

5. Clare Saunders Whiting

6. Ellis Dixon-King,

7. Elsa Kiernanfox

8. Eve Wakeling

9. Ferdous Rahman

10. Jade Carter-Bennet

11. Jaida Begum

12. Janey Bryson

13. Jenny Bishop

14. Julie Anne Wheeler

15. Julie Archbold

16. Late Joan Hodge

17. Libby Pentreath

18. Lora Ashman

19. Lyla Byrne

20. Mary Fletcher

21. Moriom Chaudhury

22. Nicki & Laura Ellis

23. Nirmal Kaur

24. Rabia Mehmood,

25. Rashma Mehta,

26. Rebekah Vaughan,

27. Robyn Harry

28. Ruth Lewarne

29. Sabina Begum

30. Sally Walker

31. Sandra Sanjeet Green

32. Suzette Reed

33. Tahi Chowdhury

34. Tamanna Parveen,

35. Zainab Khan,


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