Smiley and the Acorn: A Story from Cornwall

Smiley and the Acorn: A Story from Cornwall

This is a story of one little acorn that grew into a magnificent, magical tree and a chain of events that followed involving three generations of one Cornish family. The mystical journey of the tree was in the hands of an ordinary, hard working fisherman and was passed down through his boatbuilding sons to his grandsons Denzil and Jago and a very special boat. The ACORN was built from the tree that grew the acorn. The ACORN takes Denzil and Jago on many adventures. Along the way they discover just how special she is. The lesson they learn show them how precious a life they have.

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"Magical book for both children & adults alike. Set in the fishing ports of Newlyn & Mousehole, this book really gives an insight on fishing life in Cornwall with many mystical elements of synchronicity. An exciting, fabulous read."

"I bought two copies of this book, one each for my grandchildren, thought they would enjoy it after vising Cornwall this summer. They absolutely loved it. I had the pleasure of reading it at bedtime to them, they were captivated, particularly as they had visited some of the places mentioned, thoroughly engaging story for young children, definitely recommend it."

"Smiley and the acorn , this has to be one of the nicest story’s I have read in sometime, Cleverly put together and a pleasure to read, I could not put the book down, really looking forward to reading more stories from this author."

"I bought this book for my grandchildren due to their interest in boats and fishing having been told tales from their grandad who fished out of Newlyn. The antics of Smiley greatly amused them and they eagerly wait the next adventure."

"Was recommended this book from a good friend of mine so purchased one for each of my children. I must say they absolutely adore it !! A fantastic Cornish story and I’m sure they will read it over and over."

"Great book well worth the buy kids loved it, any one with children will love it."

"What a magical tale from Cornwall. Its a fabulous book to read to children and even great for adults reading it out loud (raised a few knowing smiles when I read it)
Loved the detail about Cornish places.
Apparently there is a second book coming out soon! ..I cant wait. Brilliant family read."

"Amazing. I have been reading this to my nine year old as a bed time story for the last few nights. She has loved the story and ,as we live in Cornwall, she has loved it when a particular place close to us was named. Any child would love this tale from beginning to end . I’m looking for more Cornish adventures from the author."

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