Res Burman's Poetry Volume 1

Res Burman's Poetry Volume 1

Res Burman is what I call a "Vast" person. He is a person who in his personality, his interests, his experiences, his perceptions, and his talents takes in much of this world in which we live. He has a deep understanding of the human condition combined with the ability to express his understanding with a clear, compassionate, poetic language to which we all can relate. Res has worked in various professions which include two that might seem poles apart. He was a soldier overseas for a number of years in Her Majesty's service. His interest in and curiosity about the places where he served combined with his natural compassion led him to not only take great interest in the cultures but also to get to know, understand, and care for the people. These experiences made Res a man of the Eastern World as well as a man of the Western World. This gives his poetry its distinctive flavour, so I think of Res as being the "English Poet" whose poems are wide ranging and express ideas to which all humans can relate. Res is truly the gentlemanly, pirate, Poet of Penzance.   

James Wesley Farmer Singer/songwriter, poet and writer of prose, teacher, and 1st Mate to Cap'n Res Burman

Author: R. J. F. Burman 

Size: A5 (148x210mm)

Pages: 108

Cover: Paperback

ISBN: 9781910499924


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