Bulk Printing Books

Bulk Printing Books

Bulk Printing Books

Bulk printings is available and provided at a very competitive rate.

Minimum run of 50 copies to thousands.

We specialise in hot stamping to embossing and other special effects work on the cover.

Softcover and hard covers are standard.

This service can be provided through traditional printing through a litho press or the digital prints though the print on demand (POD) system.

From 1 - 49 prints is processed through he POD system as it is not cost effective to use the litho printing service.

From 50 - 99, we can put it through the litho print, cost will be similar but the product quality will be greater than POD's digital prints.

With 100+ prints through the litho printing will give a better cost per print and the quality will be greater than the POD's digital prints.

Generally this is for our clients, but we will be competitive if non clients want as to match or beat their formal quote.

Bespoke cover designs 

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