Shah Jalal

Shah Jalal

Sylheti Heritage Collection brings you the heart of Sylhet and the heart of its people which, is the Mazaar Sharif of the revered Sufi Saint of Bangladesh Hazrat Shahjalal. Hazrat Shahjalal was the Sufi practitioner who travelled from Turkey to Sylhet to find the land that matched the hand full of soil his uncle gave in his hand and sent him off to search of his quest. Shahjalal arrived in Sylhet 1303 with 360 companions he met during his journey. He came over to seek justice and came with him Sufism, where it flourished in the region. He never returned to Turkey and lived his adult life in Sylhet and that’s where he remains at the Mazaar Sharif, aka the Dorga in Sylhet town In this book we cover Hazrat Shahjalal and his life and world, for those who have never been or plan to visit, and for those that visited but didn’t get round to taking part.

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