Father to Child

Father to Child


"From the heights of joy to a much darker sorrow", Father to Child is a collection of inspirational poems and musing that follow the author's life from his own childhood up to when he has children of his own and wishes to pass some of wisdom to them. It deals with a vast number of emotional topics, from the heights of joy to a much darker sorrow. Akash expertly weaves a number of complicated themes throughout his poetry and expresses his feelings in a beautifully blunt form of honesty. This collection gives a clear idea of what it was like growing up in the author's shoes, how his cultural heritage and values shaped him as he grew up, and eventually how he came to terms with his identity. It also gives a deep insight into the struggles he has faced, in a touching, sometimes even heart wrenching manner. Like all great poetry, these touches your heart in a way you can't quite put words to; I enjoyed the soulful journey alongside the author, Mayar Akash.

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