Altab Ali Murder

Altab Ali Murder

After 43 years, since he was murdered, his name has become a symbol of defiance to racism and fascism. While the ethos has gone strength to strength and the community moves on. It appeared that the person was lost in that journey; he was displaced. Thousands of pounds are spent each year celebrating the "symbol," which his name has become, yet, he lay buried for 40 years in a pauper’s grave. Very few people have recognised that, and have initiated to redress that, to give him some respect back. Like others this book looks at his life and journey he had. The author has put this information together with the old and with new discoveries and revelations (there are many), and cleaning up some of the wrongs. It is intended to set the records straight while few of the first-handers are still alive. The author has divided the information gathered since 2016 and separated them into four books. the first book covers the murder and what happened? The second book is about who he was and his life, the third book is about the Symbol he has become and his legacies and the fourth one is a collection of the authors own creations of artwork and poetry inspired by Altab Ali. In this book we have eye witness account of Altab Ali's last steps before he collapsed at the bus stop. This book also names the third person, the stabber; these are just couple of new information, facts about Altab's murder.

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