MD Abdul Helim

MD Abdul Helim

1. Md Abdul Helim a.k.a Toki Choudhury

We love history and subjects to do with the past, here are few of the family tree and ancestry projects completed so far. All these are about leaving ones legacy for the grandchildren and posterity. The beauty of these books are that there are no rules, you can have them any how you want, photos, stories, documents, quotes, family tree - line drawings, with words or simply without just pictures. Once completed it becomes a gem, with valuable and priceless information and memories.

Other persons covered in the series.

2. Sri Mohon Babu Brahman

3. Nazat Uddin

4. Abdul Wahid's Dad

5. Gulu Miah Choudhury

6. Mahi Ullah Talukdar

7. Bahar Mohammed

8. Ambor Ullahr Baf

9. Hari Mohammed

10. Sheik Shamsuddin Ahmed suvandi

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