Lowry's Boats

Lowry's Boats

Lowry's Boats

Lowry's Boats

This is the first of many books to come of Roger Lowry's paintings of the boats in Mounts Bay, covering Penzance, Newlyn Mousehole and others. Roger Lowry's vibrant coloured painting of the traditional vessels are colourful and bright. Inadvertently Roger Lowry has also compiled a collections of these boats from different era in his paintings that have become historical archive in themselves. Roger Lowry goes on to record history attached to each of them. For lovers of Penzance, Penwith, Cornwall, Kernow; which ever order suits you, Roger Lowry's encapsulates that Penwithian history and knowledge in his "Naive" style of paintings.

This book features mainly Penzance, Mounts Bay, Penzance Harbour boats. Roger Lowry has categorised his boats by harbours: Penzance & Mounts Bay first, then Newlyn and then Mousehole - too many to fit in one book.

Roger Lowry is a diehard Penzance man and his love for the town and the boats is in his blood.

"His colourful, cheerful works are a manifestation of his freedom to paint from life as he sees it. His paintings are warm, witty and well worth seeing"

Review from Association of British Naive Artists 2016 exhibition
  • Square 216x216mm
  • 79 page
  • Full colour
  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781910499962

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