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Book 1 - Smiley and the Acorn - A story from Cornwall

Book 2 - Smiley and the Acorn - Treasure on the Isles of Scilly


I was born in South Wales. The sea and boating had always played a large part in my life. But it was after a day trip to Newlyn, whilst on holidays in Cornwall, I decided this was the place for me.

So, in 1979 I moved my family and my boat to Cornwall and began life as a full time fisherman. I tried my hand at trawling, long-lining, netting, and crabbing along the West Cornwall coast. I enjoyed life as part of the fishing community, making many new friends. As well as working on boats we have made our home on a 32 mtr converted Norwegian trawler. Ocean Warden is moored in Penzance harbour and she has been our home for the past 20 years.

I enjoy writing and throughout my adult life I have written many short stories. Lockdown 2019 gave me the opportunity to spend more time on my writing. Writing about your personal experiences and knowledge is always more satisfying and enjoyable.

I was introduced to Mayar Akash of MAPublishing by a mutual friend who gave him a copy of my work to read, and ' Smiley and the Acorn' was the product of this opportunity.

I have just finished Smiley's second adventure - Treasure on the Isles of Scilly, and he is about to embark on another !

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