Peter Fox

Artist | Painter | Sculpture | Author

Peter Fox Artist - A Re-Enchantment of Contemporary Art

Limited Edition Hardback with Gold foil.


Peter Fox is a contemporary multi-disciplinary artist, with an interest in painting, printmaking and assemblage. Mythical undertones unite with strong natural imagery in Fox’s work to create a collection that references the landscape and haunting magical, animal underworlds. Drawing inspiration from the Inuit artists stone-cut and stencil prints, Fox’s woodcut prints paired with his paintings reference a perspective quite outside the currents of his time. His work is not constricted by a background or perspective, yet focuses on isolating images in space, providing each animal or living entity in his work with its own individual sense of self.

Peter’s playful use of working with unconventional compositions alongside considered use of colour and mark-making presents a narrative to his audience, allowing them to feel connected to the mythological, natural imagery present within his practice. Peter unites the contemporary and the primal through considered imagery, drawing an interesting perspective onto tales of myth and folklore for the modern gaze.

Peter’s retrospective of work can be found in his 2022 publication of ‘Peter Fox, A Re-Enchantment of Contemporary Art’.

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